CS Team at Women in Tech Summit 2022

This year's Women in Tech Summit from the Cloud Services team was attended by Dominika - our Junior e-Marketing Specialist and Emilia - Graphic Designer.

Dominika appreciated the most:

✔️a unique place in terms of information exchange and networking.

✔️interesting speeches on topics related to innovation, the role of women in the IT world, digital ecology, sustainable leadership, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

Emilia, on the other hand, as a graphic designer who pays great attention to visual issues, was fascinated by the stands of the world's largest representatives of the IT industry and their ways of creatively promoting their own brand in the spirit of the less waste idea.

"I looked at every detail with admiration, from metal drinking straws to" growing "leaflets made of biodegradable paper with seeds in between" - sums up Emilia.

Women in Tech.png