Trends in the e-learning and certification market

E-learning market trends

According to a Clear Company report, when a company invests in employees' careers, 94% of them say they will stay longer. If we add to this the results of the Docebo report showing that 73% of employees want to learn throughout their lives and 63% have completed at least one qualification improvement course in the last year, it is clear that the L&D departments in companies will constantly work to expand and enriching its training offer. And according to the SMAC concept (social, mobile, analytical and cloud based), the development of vocational education will be based on more and more advanced technologies such as SaaS, especially cloud solutions, which will be the main area of ​​LMS development. Why are many companies changing providers of training platforms? According to Brandon Hall Group, 88% of this is an improvement in user experience, 74% of an improvement in the administrative environment, and 66% of it equally: greater mobility, systems integration, improved reporting.